Just another manic monday…

…wish it was sunday….. love that song!

Hello my fellow Randomers.
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog about much this is due to being super busy and lack of internet. I really do have a lot to write about! Please stay tuned for exciting posts about crossing off a few things from my 24 before 24 list, my acceptance onto a very special college course and putting big fat ticks against The Troublesome Three Summer List!!!!

A very warm and welcoming hello to all my new likers, commentors and followers; I’m so chuffed you have enjoyed this little blog of mine!

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Keep blogging and stay random!

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Hello everybody!

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#WhatNormalFeelsLike – Knowing Your Boobs Could Save Your Life


After a scare of my own recently I do feel that every woman should be more aware of their own bodies!

Originally posted on Netmums Blog:

This month sees the launch of a new campaign from breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!, with the aim to get us talking about breast cancer, checking our boobs and learning what our normal feels like.

With hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, we all know there are constant fluctuations in our breasts, but being a busy Mum and always putting the children first makes it all the more important to take some time out for yourself and check regularly to ascertain what your ‘normal’ is.

CoppaFeel! Founder Kris Hallenga

CoppaFeel! Founder Kris HallengaWhat is normal for your boobs? Unless you check yours regularly, would you really be able to tell? CoppaFeel!’s aim is to get us doing just that.

The charity’s founder Kris Hallenga, herself diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 23, recently took to the road to ask women what their personal descriptions were. Other than big, small, perky or…

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The book count


Four very exciting stories!

If you have been keeping up with My List then you will be more than aware that one of the activities I want to achieve is to read as many books as possibly in the one year time frame and I have already read four brilliant books! Let me know if you have read any of them and what you thought!!! I personally loved How It Ended; lots of short stories on the messed up social situations and life matters that we manage to get ourselves in to.

Be sure to keep checking back as I have two or three very exciting posts coming up in the next few days regarding crossing not one but two! things off My List!…..and if you still have no idea what list I am referring to make sure you click on the link at the top of this page titled 24 before 24!
See ya around Randomers,
Carla X

Exciting times ahead


Why hello there my fellow randomers!
The last few days have been very tiresome but equally very exciting! For the first time in a long time I’ve had a very large amount of good luck involving my family situation and all the major stressors that have been plaguing me the last few months have all come to a head in my favour! Despite my skin and medications I am currently on I have at this moment in time nothing to really worry about and can live a normal stress free life…well as normal as it will ever get.
All this great news as come at a brilliant time for me and I am currently typing away 60 miles from home. I decided around a month ago that I could really do with a change of scenery and have come to stay at my dads for a super long weekend. Me and my dad don’t have the best relatnship but I am hoping that we can build on that over the next few days! On one hand I am so glad to be on a holiday, it’s the longest I’ve been away from my home town alone ever, however I also feel guilty for not being on standby for my children. They are at their dads anyway as per our normal routine but I’m normally no more than 5 miles away and ready to be super mum at any given point. I keep having to remind myself that they are happy and safe and that as a parent and, get this, an actual human being I am allowed time to recuperate whilst doing things that I enjoy; it was the whole idea behind the 24 before 24. Saying that whilst I’m on my holibobs I am going to be ticking off two things from my list. I’m so excited about what I am doing today, can you have a guess as to what thing I’m doing judging by the above pictures??
My trains up to Coventry were on time and relatively quiet; I manged to grab myself a seat with a table on both trains. I think my luck is still holding strong!
I do believe my karma is very positive right now as between me and my dad we managed to come 2nd in a pub quiz outof 7 teams and win two bonus rounds one of which we one a bottle of wine for!

Dad: I suppose my general knowledge isn’t that bad after all
Moi: and I guess my knowledge in general isn’t that bad either!

Peace out!

Get ya skates you’ve pulled…

And by pull I mean nearly drag your best friend onto the ice so that you don’t fall over.

Hello Randomers!
Last week I got straight onto my 24 before 24 activities list and within 24 hours of turning 23 I had successfully crossed off going ice skating! No I did not actually fall over through the entire time (around 2 hours) although I did slip twice pulling down Crazy Chris although that was entirely his own fault for reaching out to me hehe!
The afternoon started off pretty badly when we discovered that the original rink we were planning to skate at was not only shut down but a pile of rubble. This was not ideal seeing as we had already had to travel the 15 miles to Milton Keynes trying to find the place. I am so glad I did my research, I instantly felt disheartened, as I knew there was another rink nearer the shopping centre called MK ICE; not that I had ever heard about it before.
There’s a reason I hadn’t known about the place, it’s a non profit ice rink run by MK council along with a few sponsors and volunteers whilst the pile of rubble new one was being built!


I had low expectations of the facilities as it really was bare basics and clearly not in receipt of much funding. I was pleasantly surprised to see that for two adults with skate hire for unlimited time on the ice (well untill public skating was over which could have been 4 hours for us) it only cost £14!!!!!!
We did have to pay separately for locker hire but that is pretty standard everywhere these days!
My eczema on my legs and ankles was incredibly swollen and sore so I was terrified of falling over and hurting myself further more. The skates were tight and I could already feel that my poor ankels would be bleeding cankels by the end of the chilly session.


Totally rocking the dalek hoody & skates!


CC acting macho despite being freezing!

Before heading into a near death scenario I needed the ladies room and couldn’t help but laugh when I was directed to a large room with rows of porter loos! Not the most ideal way of doing my business, this was whilst wearing skates,  but you do get what you pay for I guess. We later over heard that the building was only on a short term lease and the council wouldn’t let them install proper toilet facilities……bloody government! So I forgive MK ICE. Sort of.
I was utterly terrified getting onto the ice, I very nearly backed out. I mean what kind of crazy person would want to put razer sharp blades on their feet and balance on slippery ice, well I currently am that weirdo with 5 colours In her hair. Thank you Mcfly!




This step back onto the ice was a bit high!


Half an hour passed and I was totally skating like a pro, honest! Maybe not but after nearly tripping over and bringing CC down with me I became a lot more comfortable but still weary!
There were these cute little penguins normally used to help children stay on their feet and I was so tempted to use one….they had their own little names too! It made the experience so much funnier with plenty to giggle about.



Graceful as an elephant!

Overall I had enjoyable time and I wouldn’t rule out going again although my lower limbs disagree! Ouchy! The facilities were poor but the staff were lovely and despite it being midweek and less busy there was a great atmosphere which really put me at ease about trying out skating!
Until next time Randomers,
That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair