There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea…

….after a long day….

Evening all!
After a very long day I am already tucked up in bed writing up blog posts, checking in on emails, twitter and well yeah you get my gist! The children are home after another week away which means this is my final 7 days of summer with them before their last week with their dad before they’re back at school. I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry.
Our afternoon has not exactly gone to plan with patience running low and tiredness setting it around the 3pm mark. It’s always hard adjusting on the first few days after a switch over of homes but I’m hoping they’ll settle down before the week end. We had a busy afternoon visiting a friend and going to the opticians; ensue the new glasses debate! Elliots eye sight isn’t getting any better which is always a massive shock to the system despite knowing full well that both my children are more than likely going to have Stargartz Disease with Macula Degeration before their teens. However he loves his glasses and today he got to pick out two new pairs but I do wish he wasn’t so picky about what ones he wore.
Nevaeh also had her first set of pupil dilation eye drops today which really sting but she was very brave having seen her big brother do it plenty of times before. These drops make your eyes super sensitive and I was grateful that it wasn’t too sunny today as she said her eyes were feeling squiffy?! Her eyes are ok for now with a minor prescription but she may need glasses by the end of the year. She has been walking around with her big blue eyes looking like a doll bumping into things and spilling drinks all evening I really do hope her vision is better by the morning.
I’m grateful to be home and have them both asleep snoring away but I’m just holding my breath that Elliot stays asleep;  he threw up on the bus home…such a lovely gift all over his coat hey!

Keep it random guys!

The Book Count #2

Hey all!
Over the past few weeks I’ve been super busy with the kids or I’ve been keeping to myself taking care of the house and ticking things off the list!
Here’s another round up of the books I’ve been reading since the last book count. The total is now at 7!


I was sent the book And then I smiled…. by the lovely Mr Miller himself a charming gentleman with a childhood of fishing memories and a life time of figuring out the world writing a long his way. This book is compiled with many short phrases, poems and stories all in the aid of making you take time to think and smile. A philosophical kind of book that makes you look up from the page and notice all the wonders around you. It made for great light reading whilst having a coffee! This was an absolute beauty of a book to read having just finished Philomena which isn’t exactly on the cheery side. You can follow Dean over on twitter @DeanKMiller and I am sure he would have no problem in answering any of your questions and queries about the book.

Philomena. Wow. That is one blighter of a book. Have you ever found that one book that you can’t put down; overwhelmed by the urge to find out what happened next? This is one of those except I had to put it down. I found my self welling up with tears combined with the nervousness of any parent watching their childs first steps. It made me feel heart broken, frustrated, impatient and at one time physically sick. This story is based on a real life search of a mother and son trying to find each other after a forced adoption in Ireland back when the church had A LOT of say on what was acceptable and what was not. The church had more power than the government which is an incredibly scary thought. What hit home the most about this book was the idea that 50 years ago if I had lived in a different part of the UK I would have been shipped away as an unmarried pregnant teenager and eventually been made to give up my child for adoption; allin the name of saving my soul. Philomena Lee is a real person who fought so hard for what was right and I still things went wrong. I won’t spoil the ending but it hurt to read. If you can handle the emotional roller coaster then read this book it’s written beautifully and maybe by sharing the story more children will find their parents once again.

Thanks for reading and until next time stay random!



I’ve had similar feelings about people I know reading my blog. However, I’ve come to accept that I have nothing to hide I never write negative things about people and if it means people want to snoop around on my blog then go for it. It’s not like I have any big secrets. I know lots of people that blog and I’ve been wary about wanting to follow or comment as these people were not exactly friends in previous years but I love their writing styles and ideas. We’re all adults now and I love reading and writing and finding inspiration from others and the fact I know of these people in real life just makes it a little bit personal.
Carla xx

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Tonight I had an interesting revelation, someone I know personally has been reading my blog, previously unbeknownst to me.  I know most bloggers will respond, well yeah that’s the point to be read and the answer to that simple comment is yes that’s true.  However, the nice thing about the blogosphere is that there is a whole world of authors out there writing, about every topic under the sun and there is a certain anonymity to it and my ability to share personal thoughts or ideas can be as free or as personal as I choose. I can reveal who I am, who I write about and I can tie it to as many other online social pages as I choose.

Now my page, so far at least, does not contain my real name. Its not hard to find me, my picture is there but It doesn’t reveal the names of the people…

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Sometimes you just have to suck it up…


Taken in May; not sure where they get their attitude from

It’s day 5 of week 1 out of 3 separate weeks where my children are at their dads over the summer holidays. 6 weeks of every parents dream…or nightmare, but I get 3.
Through choice- no.
Do I like it- no.
Do I like being alone in an empty house- no.
Do I relish the ‘free time’- not really.
Do I miss them- like crazy.
But the most important question I have to ask myself when it gets a little too much for me to bare;
Is it best for my children- YES.
It’s as simple as that. They’re having a brilliant time with their other family in their other home and they should! be sound asleep safe in their other beds.
I don’t have to like it but I do have to grit my teeth and smile and know that this is what will help my children grow into lovely well rounded human beings with two loving parents that work hard to make things work for them. It makes THEM happy and ultimately happy children makes for a happy mumma.

So I apologise for the delay in my scheduled posts but it’s hard to think with no back ground noise. The silence really is deafening sometimes.
Much love fellow Randomers amd remember sometimes we have to hold back our own fears and dislikes to ensure that our children get what they need and deserve,

Just another manic monday…

…wish it was sunday….. love that song!

Hello my fellow Randomers.
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog about much this is due to being super busy and lack of internet. I really do have a lot to write about! Please stay tuned for exciting posts about crossing off a few things from my 24 before 24 list, my acceptance onto a very special college course and putting big fat ticks against The Troublesome Three Summer List!!!!

A very warm and welcoming hello to all my new likers, commentors and followers; I’m so chuffed you have enjoyed this little blog of mine!

You can now find me on Twitter @ carlaRTOATSblog   

Keep blogging and stay random!

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